Petri Saarinen

Managing Director, Europe

Petri is an expert at assisting startup and growth technology companies. He has over 25 years experience in operations of engineering, TMT/ICT/Mobile/Gaming and Edtech companies in the European, South American and MENA regions.

Petri was a co-founder of Eduze ZA, Teraloop, and four other companies, and was an Associate Partner at Breadfruit Capital AB. Today, in conjunction with his work for MSG, Petri serves as a startup and ecosystem advisor in the Baltic, Nordic, Russia, Turkey, Spain, Switzerland and GCC/MENA regions. He has received innovation awards from the Shell New Energy Challenge ’18, Demo Africa ‘13, EnergySpin Top30 Energy Startup ’15, ‘17 and Hello Tomorrow Paris ‘16.

Petri holds the B.Sc Eng./B.B.A, and had additional education from LM Ericsson, Lucent Technologies, Avaya, SFSU, Mulhouse University, Aalto University, and the Helsinki School of Economics. He is a consultant to MSG Securities.