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Protecting Gains


Ublox Acquires 4M Wireless

Business Description

4M Wireless was a leading provider of LTE software products, and a key element in the 4G ecosystem. The Company had built a profitable business providing its LTE protocol stack and related services to companies worldwide. It sought a larger partner to fuel its growth.

MSG’s Role

MSG discussed with the shareholders their goals for the Company and ultimately recommended they seek a sale or merger with a strategic partner that would invest in the company’s growth and enhance its ability to win contracts with larger customers.


A global search yielded four bidders, two European, one Asian, and one American. The offer from ublox, a Swiss public company that is a global leader in positioning and wireless semiconductors, was accepted after it was substantially improved from its original proposal. Careful structuring that allowed shareholders to benefit from the UK’s Enterprise Investment Scheme maximized the sale proceeds shareholders were permitted to keep.

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