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Value Creation

Our Strategy and Value Creation work ranges from advanced value creation planning to support in preparation for a successful exit. Our career experiences in startup and corporate management and operations allow us to recommend actionable steps that can be taken to enhance the attractiveness of a client’s business to investors and buyers.

Engagements typically involve the following tasks:

Develop Transaction Goals

  • Understand shareholders’ goals

  • Clarify management’s goals for the transaction and post-transaction

  • Review possible deal structures, timing, and other considerations

  • Analyze realizable valuation range

Take Value Creating Actions

  • Enhance operations, e.g., cost and working capital reduction

  • Clean-up the capital structure, e.g., pay small or old liabilities

  • Simplify ownership, e.g., consolidate small shareholdings

  • Resolve any outstanding employee or customer relationship issues

Get Transaction Ready

  • Develop an attractive company story

  • Review the strategy, business plan, and company positioning

  • Assess the financial statements and projections

  • Select the transaction team, including the attorney and accounting support

  • Gather the data room items

  • Coach management through the transaction process

  • Consider a wide variety of transaction targets

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